Thursday, March 3, 2011

Permanent Record? Pffftt Yeah. Right. What. Ever.

"I hate high school, man! I can't wait to get out and just be a man, man. This is so fuckin bogus, man! I'll show you! This wasted 4 years of my life! Who needs a stupid old diploma! Who cares, man! This is all bullshit man! I'm free, man! Screw you, high school! I'm never going to school again!"
~Me - 1984

Fast forward 27 years. I had to go back to my old high school and get my transcripts sent to MSC. I can confirm that those chairs are engineered to make you feel insecure and inadequate. When I stood up, I felt like a adult. Sitting on *those chairs* made me feel 16 and surly again. It's the combination of the kindergarten colors, and the fact that they're exactly 80% the size of a real chair. So those chairs unleashed surly teen Me who promptly started running around the base of my brain stem, rocking out to Pat Benatar, and rolling up a new D&D character.

When I got a look at my transcripts, my mature self was appalled, but teen-Bubba was cheering! Looking at my transcripts you would have assumed I was still saying "Welcome to Sizzler, can I take your order?"

So I'm kind of perversely proud of how well I've done. However, if I could go back I'd kick my ass. Now that I really DO want to go back to school and get an education, I'm screwed! Even though I have the money and will, I'm so far behind the curve on the education track I don't have enough time to catch up and still have enough time to have a career afterwards.

Soooo... If you're graduating high school and you think college is a waste of time, that you're gonna go out and "keep it real," at least get an AA degree at your local community college. It makes everything easier later on, when you figure out what you really want to do.

On a side-note, your high school won't give you a copy of your own transcripts, it's against the law or something. But they will let you read them over in private. And it's probably illegal to take 30 or 40 pictures of them with your camera phone. So whatever you do, don't take pictures of your transcripts with your camera phone and mail them to yourself!

Tar isteach agus a chur orthu!

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