Monday, March 28, 2011

Holster Project Update

"Skin that smokewagon and go to work!"
~Fictitious Wyatt

Holster Collapse
I think I'll go ahead and wet mold the holsters. I read up the trick of wrapping your guns in plastic wrap to protect them.  I'll do that tonight.

I strolled down to the hardware store and picked up a couple brass plates, a scratch awl, tin snips, and a leather punch. Cost: $30.

If I had purchased new holsters, the cost would have been $300 and would have taken 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. So I'm already $270 ahead, plus I'll have unique holsters. Victory is mine!

I had no idea how easy it was to shape brass plates with tin snips. This project is going a lot easier than I thought. The snips also made short work on the holster leather that needed trimming.

All I'm waiting on now are some copper rivets and a riveting tool from Tandy leather. There are no leather crafting stores in the South Bay, so I had to order them online. This raises the cost to $46, but I'm still $254 ahead. I also will have yet another tool, and about 50 extra rivets for other projects.

I also installed a panel in my bucket that lets me separate out the empty cases and hulls from the rest of the bucket. I used the zenith of the civilized world, shoebox cardboard and duct tape. Cost: Negligible.

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