Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Progress Report 6/7/11

I may need to start this blog over again, because nothing has worked out even remotely close to what I planned.

I have given up on Murray State College, because as of this date the only correspondence I've gotten was a form letter that my financial aid packet had arrived; which is pointless because I'm not going into debt if I can help it.

Still have not heard ONE FUCKING PEEP from the gunsmithing program.

So I contacted the American Gunsmithing Institute and enrolled in their program. I've finished the introductory portion and sent in the exam, and completed watching the section on the 1911 tonight. The courses I enrolled in also include welding and machining. As part of the package they are sending me a bench lathe, drill press, foredom tool, and all the hand tools I need.  So I'm getting the education I need AND all the shop equipment I require. I don't need to share any of it with other students either.
Here's the best part; it cost me $15,000 less than going to MSC, and won't take 2 years of my life. Getting those 2 years back is the best part of this program.

Good hunting, y'all.

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