Friday, May 6, 2011

Laser Power

I attended the orientation class for the Epilog Laser at the TechShop in Menlo Park last night. I'm already signed up for two welding classes next week, but I think I'll get a monthly membership for this facility.

The amount of equipment they have is amazing! I wish I'd gone to TechShop a couple years ago. I'd be way ahead on the gunsmith curve by now.

Update 5/22/2011:
The Epilog laser is an amazing machine. I just don't trust the company behind them. When we went to get a quote from the local dealer in Milpitas we were lied to by the salesman. He showed us a list of "regular prices" and "sales prices", but the sales prices were the MSRP. When we contacted Epilog their response was basically, "Oh yeah, that's how we do things."

So while I'm still very interested in getting a CO2 laser engraver, I will NOT be buying it from Epilog.

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